One of the most important views in Sherlock is the Account detail view. 

This is where you can dig into the details of the engagement of any specific account. Few things of note on this page: 

Account traits

On the left side of the page, you will see a list of Account traits. Some of these traits, Sherlock calculates for you, others you send to Sherlock with your account data.

The traits that Sherlock calculates are: 

  • Active users on the account
  • Total users on the account
  • Last active: The last time anyone on the account was active
  • Tenure: Shows you how long this account has been with your business
  • Adoption - last X days: Percentage of scored events triggered by anyone in the account in your engagement period
  • Adoption all time: Percentage of scored events triggered by anyone in the account, ever

By clicking "Show more traits", you can see any other custom trait that you are sending to Sherlock for your accounts.

Total and average score over time

The chart at the top of the page shows the engagement of the account over time.

By toggling the selector at the top of the chart, you can decide to view the Average score of the account over time (average of all the user engagement scores on the account) or Total score (sum of all the user engagement scores on the account). Both are good metrics - the Total score will obviously grow as more people become active on the account.

User list

You can also see the list of users on that particular account as well as some high-level metrics on their engagement. 

Activity breakdown

This is where it gets incredibly powerful. For each account, you can see a breakdown of all the specific events the users on that account have triggered during a specific time period. 

This allows you to finally answer the question - what features is this account using? What are they actually doing??

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