The Activity tab in Sherlock allows you to compare the activity around the product events you are sending to Sherlock. 

Activity Overview

On the overview tab, you will see a list of all your product's events. By default you will see a comparison of your scored events, but you can toggle to your un-scored or all events:

For each event you will see:

  • Active users: the number of active users that triggered that event in your engagement period
  • Total events: the number of times the event was triggered in your engagement period
  • Average times per user
  • Average score of users: This shows you the average Sherlock score of the users who did that event at least once in your engagement period. This helps you see what events are driving higher engagement.

Activity Detail Page

You can click into any specific event and get more detail about that event. On this page you will see how this event usage tracks over the past 90 days as well as the users and accounts that triggered this event the most. 

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