A great way to drive more targeted engagement and customer support is to connect your Sherlock scores with Intercom.

When you connect Sherlock to Intercom, you can filter and segment your users in Intercom by Sherlock scores and segments. This means you can use Sherlock scores and segments as filters in your Intercom emails and in-app messages.

To connect Sherlock with Intercom, simply click on Destinations, then the Connect Intercom . This will allow you to auth into Intercom. Your user scores and segments should flow to intercom immediately.

You can also find the Sherlock app in Intercom's app store.

Setting up in Intercom

Once you have your Sherlock scores and segments flowing into Intercom, you can easily have these metrics showing up on your Intercom dashboard (as well as person and company profiles) by configuring the columns on your dashboard here:

Then your dashboard can look like this - and your success team can have context for every conversation they have with users via Intercom.

You can do this for both your Users and your Company views.

(company view ^^)

How we match Companies in Intercom

We match Accounts in Sherlock to Companies in Intercom by matching the Account Display Name you set in Sherlock with the Company Name in Intercom.

If we find a match on those values, we simply update the Intercom Company with Sherlock Account scores and segments.

If we don't find a match, we create a new Company in Intercom and update it with Sherlock Account scores and segments.


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