You can now push Sherlock data directly to your Salesforce account. With this integration, you can send the following Sherlock data to Salesforce:

  • User scores (will live on Contact records)
  • User Segments (will live on Contact records)
  • Account scores (will live on Account records)


**First of all, anyone attempting to connect Sherlock with Salesforce will need to have Customize Application permission in Salesforce.

Step 1: Click Connect to Salesforce  from your Sherlock Destination tab.  

Step 2: Authorize Sherlock to access your Salesforce account. 

Step 3: Configure your Account ID settings. You will need to tell Sherlock which of your Group properties you are mapping to Salesforce AccountIDs. By default, we will use your Segment GroupID. If you are using a different, you will need to select it here. 

Step 4: Turn integration on to start pushing data: 

Step 5: Add Sherlock scores and segments as fields in Salesforce. Once you make this connection, you will start sending scores and segments to Salesforce on a nightly basis (just after midnight in your timezone). This will make these fields available in Salesforce. You will need to configure your Contact and Account pages in Salesforce to include these fields. 

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