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Excluding Users and Accounts from Score
Excluding Users and Accounts from Score
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Very often, your internal users (users at your company) will show up in Sherlock as your most engaged users. You can easily exclude these users from your Sherlock scoring model from a user's profile page. Simply click on the ... icon next to a user's name:

Once you click the exclude icon, you will see a message indicating that that user has been excluded.

Once excluded, that user will be removed from any score calculation in Sherlock. They will also be removed from all lists in Sherlock and his/her events will not be counted on the Activity tab.

You will, however, be able to access an excluded user by searching for the user using the global search bar on the top of your Sherlock account.

Excluding accounts

Excluding accounts works just the same as excluding users. Simply click on the exclude icon on an Account profile page in Sherlock.

This will exclude all the users from that account from everything in Sherlock.

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