Absolutely. We believe that it's essential to know how scores change over time (trends) - so there are a few ways to see that in Sherlock.

Global engagement score over time

From the dashboard, you can see your total engagement and average engagement scores over time by hovering over the chart.

User engagement over time

You can also see score over time for an individual user by viewing the user's detail page and hovering over the graph. This will show you the past 30/60/90 days of engagement score history for that user.

Score Trending

You can also see the trending "change" of specific users everywhere you see a list of users.

We calculate the change by comparing a user's current score with his/her score in the previous engagement period (so if you selected a 7-day engagement period when setting up your score, we compare a user's current score with his/her score 7-days prior).

We then highlight (through the magic of emojis), those users whose score trend has increased or decreased significantly:

๐Ÿ”ฅ = Score increase of 10 or more points
โ„๏ธ = Score decrease of 10 or more points

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