The Accounts tab enables you to compare the engagement level of your accounts. With the top-level metrics, you can view:

  • Total accounts

  • Active accounts

  • Average score

  • Average % of users active

  • Average active users

In the list, you can find all your accounts, ranked by their engagement scores, revealing:

  • the engagement score for each account

  • any changes from the previous scoring period

  • \the number of active users on that account (active = any user that has done any of your scored events during your engagement period)

  • the total users on that account (that have done ANY event during the last 90 days)

  • the percentage of active users (simply the number of active users divided by the number of total users)

From here you can view the details of any individual account (simply click on an account name) and see more detail about the users on that account.

Set up your Sherlock account for Account-based engagement.

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