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Connecting your Sherlock data to other tools
Connecting your Sherlock data to other tools
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Arguably the most valuable functionality in Sherlock is the ability to connect your engagement scores with other tools that you use to take action on the engagement level of your users. We have several integrations that will help you take action on these scores right away. The data that Sherlock ships to these various integrations include:

  • User Engagement scores: All integrations will update all user scores in the integrated tool.

  • Account Engagement scores: With some of the integrations (Salesforce, Segment, Intercom), you can also pass account scores.

  • User/Account Segment presence: All integrations will add the Sherlock segments to which a user belongs to user profiles. For example, if a user is in the Most Engaged segment in Sherlock, that user will be tagged with that segment in integrated tool.

  • User/Account Activation rate: Get the current Activation rate of any user/account in these other tools.

  • User/Account Adoption rate: For each user/account you will get the adoption rate over the engagement period as well as the adoption rate for the entire life of the user/account.

  • User/Account Last active: We send a user and account's last active date.

  • User/Account Frequency: How many days out of the last X days (depending on the time frame you set in your scoring profile settings) the user or account was active. This trait is sent as an integer (for example, if a user was active 4 out of 7 days, this will appear as 4).

  • Account Active users

  • Account Total users

  • Account Active user percentage

These data points show up as either user or account traits in the various tools. The specific names of the traits are as follows:

  • User/Account Engagement score: Sherlock_{scoreName}_Score

  • User/Account segments: Sherlock_{scoreName}_Segments

  • User/Account Activation rate: Sherlock_{scoreName}_Activation

  • User/Account Adoption (over latest engagement period): Sherlock_{scoreName}_Adoption_Recent

  • User/Account Adoption (ever): Sherlock_{scoreName}_Adoption_Ever

  • User/Account Last Active: Sherlock_{scoreName}_LastActive

  • Frequency: Sherlock_{scoreName}_Frequency

  • Active users: Sherlock_{scoreName}_ActiveUsers

  • Total users: Sherlock_{scoreName}_TotalUsers

The specific integrations are:

  • Segment: The most powerful way to connect your Sherlock scores with any other tool is to connect to Segment via our Destinations. This will push all user scores and segments back to Segment (they will show up as user traits) AS WELL AS Sherlock account scores (the account scores will be passed to Segment as Group traits). From there, you can ship this data to any other tools you have connected via Segment.

  • Intercom: By connecting to Intercom, you will ship all user scores and segments from Sherlock to Intercom. This will allow you to trigger emails and messages to users based on their engagement scores as well as allow you to prioritize your your support efforts based on a user's engagement level.

  • Salesforce: By connecting to Salesforce, you will ship all user scores, segments as well as account scores - which will allow your sales team to focus their efforts on the most engaged accounts.

  • Hubspot: Connecting Sherlock to Hubspot will not only push all your key Sherlock engagement metrics to the Hubspot CRM and marketing automation platform, it will also give you the ability to create custom Actions right in Hubspot.

  • Copper CRM: Connecting to Copper will keep your CRM in sync with the engagement levels of your users and accounts.

  • Pipedrive: Push all your Sherlock engagement metrics to your Pipedrive CRM to create custom segments, trigger workflow automations, and more. You can find Sherlock in the Pipedrive marketplace.

  • Appcues: By connecting to Appcues, you will ship your user scores and segments to Appcues which will allow you to target announcements and messages in your app based on a user's engagement score.

If you have any specific integrations you'd like to see let us know at

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