There can be a few reasons you may see an error when looking at the Sherlock plugin in Intercom's Inbox.

If you see an error indicating that the Inbox widget can find a Sherlock user

then you should check a couple of things:

  1. Make sure you have synced a Sherlock scoring profile with Intercom. You do that from the Intercom Connection page in Sherlock. From there you can turn activate the sync with any of your scoring profiles. If you don't have any scoring profiles synced from this page, you will not be able to see any data.

2. Make sure that the email address that you use to login to Sherlock matches the email address you use to login to Intercom. This is the way the Intercom Inbox authorization works. This insures that your Sherlock data is not sent to an account that is not authorized to receive it.

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