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Connecting Sherlock to Slack
Connecting Sherlock to Slack
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Slack is quickly becoming our central hub for all important information about our business. With our Slack integration, you can access important Sherlock data directly from Sherlock.

By connecting Sherlock to Slack, you will:

  • see custom notifications for User and Accounts that you've set up with Alerts

  • be able to search Sherlock Users and Accounts from any Slack channel (use slack commands below)

Activity Alerts

Set up Sherlock Alerts for Slack to notify you/your team of:

  • score changes

  • new users

  • activation changes

  • entering a segment

  • custom alerts

Search for Users or Accounts

By integrating Sherlock with Slack, you will install the Sherlockbot into your workspace.

This means you will be able to interact with Sherlock from Slack by using a /sherlock command in any Slack channel. Sherlockbot search results are private and will not be published to the channel.

You can look up:

Top Users

/sherlock top users

See a list of top users with their engagement score and change.

Top Accounts

/sherlock top accounts

See a list of top accounts with their engagement score and score change.

Specific Accounts

/sherlock account {search email domain}

See a list of users associated with the Account along with their engagement scores and score change.

Specific Users

/sherlock user {name or email domain}

See either a specific User and recent account activity OR see a list of users related to your search terms.

New Segments

/sherlock segments new

See a list of users and accounts that recently entered a specific segment.

Connecting with Slack

Connecting with Slack is easy. All you need to do is click Connections on the top right of your Sherlock account and select Connect to Slack .

From there you will need to select a Slack channel for your daily updates and turn it live.


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