By connecting your Sherlock account to Appcues, you will be able to send your Sherlock scores and segments to Appcues - where you will be able to target messages and flows to users based on their Sherlock scores. Pretty exciting!

Setting up Appcues integration

Setting up Appcues couldn't be easier.

Step 1: Select Appcues from Sherlock Destinations

Step 2: Enter your Appcues account number in Sherlock

You can find your Appcues account number on your account settings page :

Plug this number into Sherlock and click Connect to Appcues and're connected!

*It may take a few hours to see your Sherlock data in Appcues.

User Sherlock scores and segments in Appcues

Your Sherlock scores and segments will show up as Properties in Appcues. You can create segments in Appcues based on these properties.

When you create a segment based on a Sherlock score, you can select greater or less than to target users with scores greater or less than a certain number.

When segmenting based on Sherlock segments, you should use the contains operand in Appcues and use the name (or partial name) of the Sherlock segment. For example, if you want to target the Most engaged Sherlock segment, you would create a filter in Appcues that looks like this:

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