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Explanation of the Activation Details, Filters, and Criteria breakdown.

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Activation is a static measurement of how far along a user or account is in their journey toward “first value” or that “aha” moment where they realize how great your product is.

The Activation features can be applied to Trial/Freemium customers when trying to uncover Product Qualified Leads AND it can be used with new paying customers to measure their progress through on-boarding.

Whatever your use case may be, the Sherlock team has created the Activation Details! These details will help your Sales, CS, Product, and Leadership teams understand how activated each account segment is as they make their way through the customer journey.

Here is a 5-minute video to help you get started with the Activation Details.


There are two parts to the filters, Basic Filters and Activation Criteria. These filters will allow you to segment, customize, and hone in on the Activation Details for any specific group of customers.

The Basic Filters give you the option to view the Activation Details for any set of conditions you wish. This is your chance to segment the data by Trial users, Enterprise accounts, newly converted customers, and much more.

The Activation Criteria add another layer to the filters. Your team can choose exactly which of the Activation data points they want to focus on. Sherlock can show you who has done and hasn't done those steps so your team can work to activate the customer base.

The Activation Details

As you scroll down from the Filters you will see the actual details. The bar graph below shows you how many users or accounts have reached certain levels of Activation. Where are people getting stuck? Who is doing well? What group of people should our Sales or CS team focus on?

As you go further down the rabbit hole, you get a list of those users and accounts with their Activation Rates and Engagement Scores. This list can really help your Sales and CS team be efficient by understanding which customers are succeeding or not.

Lastly, the criteria breakdown. Understanding what percentage of your customer base is passing each criteria step is key. If a certain step is struggling compared to the others, your team may want to take note and try something new.

  • Should your CS team focus more on that step in on-boarding?

  • Should the Sales team set up automated emails to make sure trial customers understand the value prop of that step?

  • Is this something the Product team should be aware of?

If You Haven't Setup the Activation Criteria Yet

You will want to navigate to the Scoring Profile Configuration and set your Activation Criteria. The "Configure Profile" button will take you there.

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