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Identifying your most engaging events
Identifying your most engaging events
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With most general analytics tools, you are able to see how many times each event is triggered in your application. HOWEVER, nowhere can you see which events are driving the most overall engagement with your product. But you can on the Sherlock Activity tab:

On the main Activity tab, you can view a list of all your scored (and non-scored events), their activity levels as well as how much engagement each event is driving.

This is how you can use Sherlock to determine which events are driving the most engagement in your product.

Activity detail pages

By clicking on any specific Activity, you can dig into the detail of that event. You can see that event action over time as well as the users/accounts who triggered that activity the most during the time frame. Nowhere else are you going to get this view so easily!

Once you're in an event breakdown, you can select the dropdown to view another event.

Let us know if you have any feedback on our Activity tab. It's definitely one of our favorites!

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