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Tracking user and account Activation
Tracking user and account Activation
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In Sherlock, you can track the Activation progress of both users and accounts.

Tracking Activation is very simple. In order to track the activation of a user or an account, you will need to set the Activation criteria - which you can do from the Configure Score Profile page:

Setting Activation Criteria

Setting the Activation criteria is how you define Activation for your users and accounts. Activation can be defined as a series of actions (i.e. - and account has integrated data, created a report, connected a device, etc) and/or as having any specific trait.

Once you define the activation criteria, Sherlock will start tracking the Activation Rate for your users/accounts.

What is an Activation Rate?

Activation Rate describes an user/account's progress toward Activation. It is always displayed as a percentage. For example, if your activation criteria has 4 steps and an account has met 3 of them, then its Activation Rate will be 75%. A user/account with an Activation Rate of 100% is considered "Activated".

You can find Activation rates on each user/account detail page...

As well as on the User/Account overview pages:

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