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The Events tab in Sherlock allows you to compare the activity and adoption of your various product events.

Event Overview

At the top of the Overview tab, you will see some key metrics and a chart plotting your events in order of their Adoption (the number of accounts that did a specific event divided by accounts that did ANY event).

The key metrics you will see at the top of this chart include:

  • Average adoption: This is the average adoption rate of all your scored events for the period selected.

  • Average adoption change: This is the average rate of adoption change any all of your scored events.

  • Average score: This is the average engagement score for each event.

You can navigate to each tab to quickly see which events matter to each of these metrics. In the first tab, you can quickly see which events have above or below average adoption:

In the second tab, you can quickly see which event are trending positively and negatively:

In the third tab, you can quickly see which events are driving the most and least engagement:

Below the chart, you will see a sortable table of all your events with a summary of these metrics.

Event Detail Page

You can click into any specific event and get more detail about that event.

On this page you will see the change in Adoption rate over time.... well as raw event, user/account counts overtime.

Finally, at the bottom of this detail page, you can see the Users/Accounts that triggered that event the most.

View Activity by Accounts or Users

At the top of each Event page, you will see a toggle which will allow you to switch the view between Accounts or Users:

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