Sherlock Alerts are the easiest way to keep your team informed of important happenings in your product. With Sherlock Alerts, you can select from several pre-defined alerts or you can define your own custom alerts.

To create a new Alert, click on New Alert from the main Alert index page:

From here, you need to configure three main elements in order to set an Alert live. They are:

  1. The channel

  2. The Trigger type

  3. The frequency

1) Alert Channels

Currently, you can only send Sherlock Alerts to Slack. You simply need to select Slack and then the specific Slack channel to which you want Alerts delivered.

2) Alert Triggers

There are currently 5 types of triggers you can use for your Alerts:

  • Score changes: This allows you to create an alert for whenever a user or account's Sherlock score changes by any amount you choose. Great for staying on top of risk threats or expansion opportunities.

  • New users: Get alerted when a new account is created or when a new user is added to an existing account.

  • Activation changes: Alert your team when any user or account's Activation rate rises above a certain level. Great way to help your sales team focus on the trials that are actively using the product.

  • Entering a Segment: This allows you to be alerted whenever any user or account enters any of the segments created in your account (whether Sherlock's default segments or custom segments you've created).

  • Custom alert: Create an alert that alerts you whenever any user or account meets any specific criteria you choose.

**Please note that when selecting any Alert trigger, you must select the scoring profile from which the Alert will come.

3) Alert Frequency

You can choose whether you want an Alert delivered in Real-time (immediately when Alert trigger conditions are met) or in a Daily summary which is delivered at 9am every morning.

4) Custom Preview Fields

You can customize which fields you'll see in your Slack Alert.

Set-up video

Watch this video for a full tutorial on setting up your Sherlock Alerts!

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