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Creating custom segments
Creating custom segments
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Sherlock gives you a handful of default segments based on engagement scores and score trends, but you can define custom segments based on the events and traits you are sending to Sherlock. When you create custom segments, you can see the score of each segment, dive into the people in each segment, and push those segments to any of your connections.

You can create both custom User and Account segments under their respective tabs.


To create a custom segment, simply click the + button next to Custom Segments.

From there you can set the rules for your segment.

You can create segments based on:


  • Whether someone did an event, how many times, during what time range (within 90 days or ever)

  • Whether someone DIDN'T do an event in a time frame (or ever)


  • Whether someone has a specific trait;

  • Doesn't have a specific trait;

  • A user's signup date


  • People with Sherlock scores above or below a specific score

  • People with score increases greater than X

  • People with score decreases greater than X


  • Score increased by X

  • Score decreased by X

  • Compare to specific time period (last scoring period, vs 1/7/30 days ago)


  • People who signed up in within a certain time range

People or accounts that were last "active"

  • For users: last time a user did a scored event

  • For accounts: last time ANY user on that account did a scored event

Active or total users:

  • with/without specific text/numeric values

  • greater than, less than, equal to numeric value

Once you create a custom segment, you will see it show up on your Segment dashboard where you can compare the average score of people in that segment against your other segments.

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