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CS teams can’t work blindly (or they shouldn’t if you want them to be successful). So how do you remove the blindfold? It’s elementary, my friend: Product engagement — the system upon which all other customer success metrics are built. Metrics based on product engagement give your team a glimpse into the health of the business. And they’re actionable (CS teams need to take action).

Dive into the CS Scoring Profile

Your manager has already created a CS Scoring Profile that will measure the engagement of each paid account. Simply by logging in you will know which users/accounts are most engaged. You will want to focus on Activation, Adoption Rate, Segments, and Alerts.


In Sherlock, you can track the Activation progress of both users and accounts. For CS, you will want to focus on the Activation Rate during the initial on-boarding period. A 100% Activated Account will represent your fully on-boarded clients.

Adoption Rate

Sherlock allows you to measure product adoption per user and account. Measuring Adoption is similar to measuring engagement, but Adoption determines “what percentage of your key features” your customers are using. While users can show strong engagement by only using a small set of features, Adoption Rate measures the number of unique features being used. This basically measures the “depth of engagement.”


Sherlock gives you a handful of default segments based on engagement scores and score trends, but you can define custom segments. Concerning CS, you will want to create segments focused around on-boarding activation, ongoing adoption, scoring trends, churn indicators, and growth opportunities. These segments will help you prioritize which customers need the most attention given their lifecycle stage.


This is as simple as it sounds. Get alerted via Slack the moment users/accounts begin trending a certain way! That is NOT the only reason to get alerted. You will want to get notified when a new user is added to an existing account, a core feature is adopted, and if they enter an important Segment.

Wrap it up already!

You Customer Success leaders have already put the data in place. Your job is to focus on your core segments, on-boarding, account trends, and stay vigilant for those pertinent Slack alerts. Watch the videos above for in-app training, reach out to us if you have questions, and make engagement scoring a priority immediately!

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