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Creating a PQL Workflow in HubSpot
Creating a PQL Workflow in HubSpot
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In this article we are going to walk through a Product Qualified Lead workflow in HubSpot. Before you hop into HubSpot, you'll want to make sure you have set up your Activation Criteria, given our Sales Focus page a peak, and connected Sherlock to HubSpot.

After integrating Sherlock and HubSpot you will begin to see Sherlock data connected to the HubSpot Contacts & Companies in the form of traits. This document shows you how to view those traits and what they are named.

Alright! Now that you are caught up. This video takes you through the steps to create a PQL workflow and trigger tasks for your Sales Team members to follow up on.

We hope that helps! Read our Product Qualified Lead blog post to learn more and figure out the best process for your company.

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