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Sherlock Actions
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Sherlock Actions are a powerful way to convert the engagement metrics and data generated in Sherlock into action in some of your favorite tools.

Each Sherlock Action consists of:

  1. a specific trigger based on any Sherlock metrics or engagement with your product;

  2. A destination for the data (one of the other tools in your stack); and

  3. A specific action that you want to happen when the trigger criteria is met.

Trigger Options

Each Action has a wide variety of trigger options:

  • Score changes: Create a trigger for any user or account's engagement score increases, decreases, or reaches a specific level.

  • New users: Create a trigger when any new user is created in your product.

  • Activation changes: Create a trigger whenever a user or account reaches a specific Activation Rate.

  • Entering a segment: Whenever any of your users or accounts enters any of your segments.

  • Custom alert: This trigger gives you maximum flexibility allowing you to create a trigger based on any of your events, traits, Sherlock metrics...or any combination.

Destinations and Actions

Each Action allows you to create a result in a specific Destination app. They include:

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