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Triggers for Actions
Triggers for Actions
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All Sherlock Actions (including Slack Alerts) work from the same list of potential Triggers. A trigger is essentially the conditions from which you would like any Action to start.

Sherlock Action Triggers

There are currently 5 types of triggers you can use for your Actions:

  • Score changes: This allows you to create an alert for whenever a user or account's Sherlock score changes by any amount you choose. Great for staying on top of risk threats or expansion opportunities.

  • New users: Get alerted when a new account is created or when a new user is added to an existing account.

  • Activation changes: Alert your team when any user or account's Activation rate rises above a certain level. Great way to help your sales team focus on the trials that are actively using the product.

  • Entering a Segment: This allows you to be alerted whenever any user or account enters any of the segments created in your account (whether Sherlock's default segments or custom segments you've created).

  • Custom alert: Create an alert that alerts you whenever any user or account meets any specific criteria you choose.

**Please note that when selecting any Alert trigger, you must select the scoring profile from which the Alert will come.

Adding a filter to a Trigger

You can make any trigger even more specific by adding a filter.

For example, if you only want to trigger a specific Action for accounts above a specific MRR; or from accounts that signed up in the last 30 days; or any other criteria, you can do that by adding a condition to the trigger (as seen below):

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