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Hubspot Actions - Create Task
Hubspot Actions - Create Task
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With Sherlock's Hubspot Actions, you can automatically create tasks for your team based on any engagement triggers created in Sherlock.


Creating tasks in Hubspot when specific Sherlock triggers are a great way to keep your team focused on the most important users and accounts. To create a Hubspot Action, you simply need to:

  1. Add a new Action from the Action index page:

3. Select Hubspot

4. Enter the Task Title and add any Notes you want to add to the task

5. Confirm task looks like you want it to and then click Set Live

To whom will Tasks be assigned?

Sherlock will automatically assign tasks to the Hubspot user or account owner assigned to the user or account triggered by the Action. This will happen automatically.

If a user/account does not have a Hubspot owner, then it will go into Hubspot as an unassigned task.

When will the tasks be due?

Sherlock sets a dynamic due date for any task created for 1 day after the Action is triggered. This means, if you, for example, have a Workflow set-up to create a follow-up task for any account that reaches 50% activation, that task will have a due date for 1 day after it reaches 50% activation.

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