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Setting up a Webhook Action
Setting up a Webhook Action
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With Sherlock Webhooks you can send data from a Sherlock trigger to any webhook URL. This is ideal for triggering actions in platforms such as Zapier.

Creating a Webhook Action

Creating a Webhook Action if very simple. Simply:

  1. Add a new Action from the Action index page:

3. Select Webhook

4. Add a Webhook URL:

This is the URL to which the data generated by your trigger will be sent. Once the trigger conditions are met, the data will be pushed to this endpoint - which is where you can use it.

5a. Select Traits you want to send:

You can select which traits you want to send in your webhook trigger. The data delivered via a webhook is called its "payload" - editing fields here will allow you to add more (or less) data to that payload. This is the data you will use in the eventual actions generated by your webhook.

5b. Send a test

When setting up an action triggered by a webhook (in Zapier, for example), you will often want to send some test data so that you properly define the action. To do this, simply click the Send a test link and we will send sample data using your fields to the endpoint entered.

6. Set Live

Once everything looks good, simply set your Action Live and it will start triggering immediately.

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