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Hubspot Actions - Post Timeline Events
Hubspot Actions - Post Timeline Events
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With Sherlock Actions, you can trigger an event to post on the Hubspot timeline of. a contact or company. These events will be posted when one of your users or accounts meet the trigger criteria of your Action. You can then use these timeline events to initiate other workflows in Hubspot.

To set-up one of these Actions, you simply need to:

  1. Add a new Action from the Action index page:

3. Select Hubspot

4. Select the Task Action, select Add event.

5. You can then edit what traits will show up in the details of the event when it posts to Hubspot.

These timeline event can then be used in segmentation or in workflow automations in Hubspot. They will show up as Sherlock: Subject Completed Action (for companies) and Sherlock: User Completed Action (for users).

For example to create an automation workflow using a Sherlock timeline event, you would create a new Workflow from scratch and select an enrollment trigger:

This view is from Hubspot's Workflow Automation creation page. Once you select one of these two Actions, you cadd the details of the event you want to use as a trigger. See below:

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