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Connecting Sherlock to Pipedrive
Connecting Sherlock to Pipedrive
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Having Sherlock data in Pipedrive is an essential part of using engagement to drive your sales (and CS processes). With our Pipedrive connection, you can ship key Sherlock metrics as properties to all of your people and organizations in Pipedrive.

Sherlock data as properties in Pipedrive

First of all, by connecting Sherlock to Pipedrive, we will update your people and organizations with relevant Sherlock data (you can see what data we update here:

To configure Sherlock <> Pipedrive connection

It is very simple to get your Sherlock data into Pipedrive.

  1. Go to your Sherlock Connections tab and select Pipedrive

2. Auth into your Pipedrive account

3. Select the Sherlock scoring profiles you'd like to sync with Pipedrive

And that's it. Your Sherlock data will start flowing to Pipedrive immediately (although it may take several hours before you see it populating).

Using Sherlock data in Pipedrive workflows, reports, and automations

Having Sherlock data as attributes on your Pipedrive records will allow you to use this data - like any other property in Pidedrive - to create filters, reports, automations, and workflows.

Want to create a task for your sales team when a trial account reaches 50% activation? You can now do that.

Want to send an email when a user's engagement drops over 20 points? You can now do that.

This is all possible now that your Sherlock data is in Pipedrive.

How we match Users in Pipedrive

We look for an exact email match based on email address. We only update existing people records in Pipedrive - we do not create new ones if a match on email address does not exist.

How we match Companies in Pipedrive

We match companies by matching the Account display name field you use in Sherlock (see image below) with the Organization name in Pipedrive. We only update existing organization records in Pipedrive - we do not create new ones if a match on the name field does not exist.

Pipedrive data in Sherlock

When you connect Sherlock with Pipedrive, we will also pull data from your Pipedrive instance and populate records in Sherlock. The data we pull includes Pipedrive owner name , Pipedrive owner email , as well as Pipedrive URL .

Having this data in Sherlock will allow you to create segments, custom alerts and more based on the owners of specific accounts or users.

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