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Filtering your scoring profiles
Filtering your scoring profiles
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One of the most important feature of Sherlock is the ability to create multiple scoring profiles. You can do this by creating a filter on a scoring profile.

You have many options for filtering a scoring profile. They include:


You can choose to filter a scoring profile to include any users who did - or did not do - an event within a time range (within 90 days or ever).


You can also create a filter that only includes users from accounts that have - or have not - done specific events. For example, you can filter a scoring profile for users who belong to an account who have done an event like created_project more than once.


Create a scoring profile of users that have - or don't have - a specific user trait.


You can also create a filter which includes users that are a part of an account that has - or does not have - a specific account trait. For example, you can create a segment of users who belong to an account with a trait like plan_type = enterprise.


You can filter based on when a user signed up for your product (based on created_at trait).


Users with a Frequency within a specific range (that range is based on the range of your scoring profile)

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