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Setting Owner traits in Sherlock
Setting Owner traits in Sherlock
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This post will explain how to set record Owners in Sherlock

Owner Traits in Sherlock

Each Account or User can have an assigned Owner from your organization. This will help you segment and filter Sherlock views by specific Owners.

There are two ways to assign Owners to records (Accounts records or User records) in Sherlock - Manually or Automatically. How you assign Owners can be managed in your Sherlock settings:

On this page, you can decide how you will set your Owners in Sherlock.

Setting Owners manually

If you choose the Manual option, you will be able to add Owners yourself on each record by clicking on the Owner field on record detail page:

Also, if you want all the Users on an Account to have the same Owner, you can check the Apply Account Owner to Users belonging to this Account checkbox. This way, you will only have to assign Owners at the Account-level - and Sherlock will take care of the Owners.

Assigning Owners Automatically

You can also have record Owners set in Sherlock via a specific trait you are sending to Sherlock by selecting AUTOMATICALLY on this Owner settings page.

From there, you can select which traits you want to use to set Owners in Sherlock. Sherlock will then use those traits to assign Owners to each Account and User record.

Viewing and segmenting by Owner

Once you have Owners set, you can use the Owner trait in Sherlock to view Owners on list views...

...or create segments based on Owner using a User/Account trait called owner_sherlock:

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