Getting Started with Sherlock is very simple. 

Step 1: Connect to Segment  🔌

Sherlock is built to work exclusively off of data push through the first step is to connect Sherlock to your Segment account. You should see a large prompt for this when you create your account.

If you don't have Segment, you will not be able to use Sherlock at this time. Sorry about that :(

Step 2: Wait for your data to flow into Sherlock 📊

Obviously, with any solution that is based on your product data, you won't be able to use the Sherlock until your data starts flowing in. This can take up to a day, so we recommend setting up Segment and coming back to Sherlock the following day to get set up. 

Step 3: Create your engagement score 🔢

Once your data starts flowing into Sherlock, you can start configuring your product's engagement score. Simply click, "Configure Score" on your dashboard and give your important product events a weight based on their importance.

 You can read more detail on configuring your score here.

Step 4: There is no step four. You're done. 👌

Setting up Sherlock is that simple. Obviously, you will spend some time playing with your scoring model to make sure it makes sense for you, but at this point, you are free to explore Sherlock and view your users through the lens of engagement.

A quick getting started video:

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