We calculate Account-based engagement scores in Sherlock two different ways - Average Account score and Total Account score.

You can see them both listed on the accounts overview page:

Both scores are base on the scores of the users in each account:

Quite simply:

  • AVERAGE ACCOUNT SCORE = Average score of all active users on an account; and 
  • TOTAL ACCOUNT SCORE = Sum of all the user scores on an account


The two score types give a little different view of your account scores - both valid.

The Average Score offers a normalized score (between 1-100 - which is easier to use) and is generally a good gauge for an account's overall engagement level. 

However, accounts with fewer users (like single-user accounts), tend to score more highly using this calculation. Scores from bigger accounts may get penalized for active, but less engaged users. This is where a Total Score is helpful. The sum of all user scores will generally be higher with more users.With that said, a Total Score is harder to make useful because it isn't "normalized" like the average score. 


You can see the change in both of these scores on any Account Detail page in Sherlock:

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