On Dashboard

In Sherlock, we auto-populate some key segments for you as soon as you configure your score. You can see the main segments on the dashboard:

These segments quartile your active users by engagement scores. They are:

  • Most engaged: Scores above 75
  • Engaged: Scores between 50 and 74
  • Passive: Scores between 25 and 49
  • Least engaged: Scores below 25

In Users and Accounts

We also create segments based on user scoring trends (users that have a significant change - either up or down - in their score). You can find these default Priority segments under both the Users and Accounts tabs.

  • New Users/Accounts ✨: Has created_at  within the engagement period  on the scoring profile
  • Red Hot Users/Accounts 🔥: Score increased more than 10 points over previous engagement period.
  • Ice Cold Users/Accounts ❄️: Score decreased more than 10 points over previous engagement period.
  • Recently Inactive Users/Accounts 🚨: Last active  between 30 to 60 days ago
  • Mature Users/Accounts: Tenure is greater than 6 months
  • Multi-User Accounts: Any account with more than 1 user tied to it.

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